Sunday, September 13, 2009

In my Mailbox (14)

Ok, so I am actually typing this up on Thursday because I am at the library where my mom lives and I have the time to post it. When I got here I thought that I was gonna fall over when i walked to the teen section of the library. There were so many books that I have been wanting to read and guess what.... They had them!! so here is what i got. Today I can't post the descriptions so I will link the titles to Amazon. They have the paste option blocked or turned off or something so I will link them.

The first one I saw was Being Nikki, which I have been waiting for since I finished Airhead! I haven't been able to buy it, but now I can read it and Im so stoked, and the more I looked along the shelves the more I found and kept grabbing, after I told myself no more from the library until I can read the ones I own! But tell me you could not pass those up! Anyways I gotta go but let me know what you thought of my books.


Nina said...

Great books you got! I wish my library had those books! :)
I heard some great things about Wintergirls.. Enjoy reading them!

April said...

Yay Wintergirls and Being Nikki! I'm always so surprised when the library actually has some great book, as opposed to the usual fare of one Princess Diary book, 3 Ann Rinaldis, and five Box Car Children books with a couple Sweet Valley Highs tucked in (what a pathetic YA section LOL). Anyways I hope you enjoy your awesome new reads :-D

Dani. said...

Great books.
They all look amazing and I'm looking forward to your reviews if them. (Wintergirls is the inly book I have read out of that stack and I can say that it was AMAZING)
Happy Reading.

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