Friday, October 23, 2009

Princess Bookie's Contests!!!!

Ok, so many of you probably know that the lovely Cindy from Princess Bookie, is holding some, well quite a few, contests for the Read-a-Thon this weekend. I am super excited to be participating as well! But to the good stuff, Cindy has decided to hold many contest, which you should definitely check out. Here are some of the contests.....

Hush, Hush OR Once a Witch

Prophecy of the Sisters Audio

Identical, Wake, and Monstrumologist

Tear Collector

Switch OR Snap

Possessions - Nancy Holder

Local Girls OR Rich Boys

Certain Slant of Light

Geek Charming

City of Ashes & Girl Stays in the Picture

Language of Flowers (as heard of in Forget-her-Nots)

Vamped - Lucienne Diver (SIGNED)

Take me There - Susan Colasanti

What would Emma do?

Secret Society (1)

The Debs or Love, Lies, and Texas dips

Beguiled - Deeanne Gist And J Mark Bertrand

Simply Irresistible - Jennifer Banash

Slept Away - Julie Kraut

Take by Storm - Angela Morrison

Secret Society (2)

Hush, Hush & Leviathan

The Naughty list (This one is one that many many people are waiting for! If I won this I would die! It looks so cute and I cant wait to read it!)

Bewitching Seasons

Time of the Witches

Top Ten uses for an Unworn Prom Dress

Captivate (1)

Captivate (2)

4 ARC Bundle (This one you have to see for yourself!!) These are all amazing books that I think if I won them I would die! I would have a heart attack at my computer!!!

So these are the ones up right now, and you should head on over and check them out. There will be more to come, and if I have time I will update this post with the new contests as they come.

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