Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Ok, so I wanted to do a post and show off some of my recent goodies. Some are book related and some are not. The thing that started this post is though, its my new book light.

Its kind of funny because I didnt even know I had it and my dad called me from work, and he was like, "Did you find anything in a plastic bag on your dresser?" And I told him no, so he told me to go look. I opened the bag and there it was. I hadn't even noticed it. I had been pestering him for one, for weeks now.
When we go out somewhere we are usually out all night and I like to read in the car, well it isnt always that easy to read at night, with no light. So he finally got me one.

The second thing that is kind of book related is... some new beautiful stickies! They are so handy, and when I send out things I like to include post-its on them and now I have some not-so-plain ones :)

And now for the non book related items :) They are from the Apple Butter Makin Days that I went to this weekend. It is like the town festival, where people set up craft booths and they are singers and things like that. And of course there are people there who make Apple Butter, which I personally dont like but my family does.

First is a shirt that I got air-brushed. The guy that did it was really nice and really funny.

The shirt looks a little weird because it is dirty in this picture.
Not like nasty dirty but I had worn it to bed.
But I still love the colors and everything!

And the next thing that I got there was a "halo". Okay, so dont make fun of me because these are intended for little kids, but I always wanted one and my dad told me no every year, so when me and my sister-in-law went she got me one :) And let me tell you I wore it proudly!

Its kinda hard to see in that picture, but its just ribbon attached to decorating ribbon, type of stuff :p But they are fun to wear, and they have them in all different colors. If your lucky I might post a picture of me wearing it some other time.

And this weekend I am going to the Maple Leaf Festival in the town that my grandpa lives in and I might bring back some cool things from there.

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Emilee said...

I love those halo things! I used to get them at Disneyland all the time, but when I was 5 I stuck one of the foil stars up my nose. It was traumatic, therefore, I'm not aloud to buy them anymore :(

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