Sunday, February 14, 2010

Review Policy

First off I would like to start by saying that reading is probably my number one passion in life and as such is the reason that I started my blog. When I first started blogging I didnt realize that this blogging community was out there. I had just brought home some books from the library and wanted to discuss them and my feelings about them. It wasnt until later on that I realized what all there was to blogging. The longer I had it the more I learned and now almost a year later you have what "Inside the Mind" is today.

When it comes to accepting books for reivew I try to keep an open mind. Granted there are genres that I prefer to read and ones that I dont I will not turn your book away if it doesnt fall into the category of genres that I do prefer. Although, I am not saying that I will automatically accept every request. If it looks interesting to me and strikes my interest then there is a good chance that I will accept it for review. Also I have no problem participating in blog tour or hosting contest and author interviews.

How do I write reviews? Well there is only one way. Honestly
I believe that everyone is going to have the own opinion and that is a good thing. If everyone agreed on everything all the time it wouldn't make anything interesting. If I read your novel and reall enjoy it my reviews will show that. If I happen to not enjoy it I will not bash it but simply point out the things that caused me not to enjoy it. I do, although, have a hard time writing a completely negetive review and if it is the case that I didn't entirely enjoy your novel I will try and point out the good aspects of the novel.

What types of books (genres) do I prefer to read? First and foremost I prefer to read Young Adult Fiction. I do sometimes read adult novels but not very often. Also I do not prefer to read non-fiction but as stated above I will consider it if I find the topic interesting. The types that I do prefer to read vary from historical fiction to paranormal to chic-lit and romance.

How long will it take to get a review? This really depends on how busy I am and how many books I have in the pile before the newly requested ones. I try to get reviews back out as soon as possible or as close to the release date as possible but sometimes this is hard. There are instances where it may take longer to get a review back out but I will always post a review.

Disclosure - The majority of the books that I receive for review come from either the author or the publisher. I do not accept or receive any kind of compensation for my reviews.

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