Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 Challenges Wrap Up

I only participated in two challenges this year and I am sad to say that I did not complete them. I was very close on both and would have completed them if it had not been for some recent complications.

The two challenges were 1st in a Series Challenge and 2009 YA Challenge.

I plan on participating in both of these again and plan on actually finishing them. I will also be participating in some more challenges that I will post on the 1st.

In My Mailbox (22)

In My Mailbox was started by Kristi over at The Story Siren! In My Mailbox is a way to share the books you received each week.

This week I decided to do another vlog because I had so many books to talk about. I made this video before Christmas and just got around to posting it.

Books Mentioned

Review -
Wicked: Witch & Curse - Nancy Holder &Debbie Viguie
Wicked: Legacy & Spellbound - Nancy Holder &Debbie Viguie
Wicked: Resurrection - Nancy Holder &Debbie Viguie
Pretty Little Devils - Nancy Holder
Possessions - Nancy Holder
The Vinyl Princess - Yvonne Prinz
Firespell - Chloe Neill
The Dark Divine - Bree Despain
Split - Stefan Petrucha
Magic Under Glass - Jaclyn Dolamore
The Returners - Gemma Malley

Christmas -
This Lullaby - Sarah Dessen

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Hi guys

I just want to apologize for my absence, there has been a lot going on with me. I just realized that I am not going to be able to finish my challenges for this year, which makes me really sad... I am hoping that starting with a new year things will go better with my blog. Especially now that I am starting to get my own groove and so on. There are a lot of things that I have started through out the last several months and havent continued with. Here lately I have been feeling like a horrible blogger! lol I felt like I was neglecting it and thought that I would make a post trying to explain for the most part everything that has been going on.

Thanks for putting up with me :D

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I will be gone for some time...

Hey everyone, as you can tell from the title of this post I will not be posting very much for the next month or so. I just moved out of my parents house and it didnt go so well... I will try and keep up with reviews so. I will also try and get tour books back out as soon as possible.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Frenemies - Alexa Young

Summary - What happens when two besties become full-blown worsties?

Avalon Greene rules the fashion scene at her sunny SoCal middle school with a diamond-clad fist, calling out classmates for their fashion-do's and most unfortunate clothes-pas. She's determined to host the social event of the season—a soiree in honor of her forever-friendship with Halley! Unfortunately, Halley's new look is one thing Avalon just can't celebrate. . . .

Halley Brandon is just back from art camp and can't wait to share her funky new style with her best friend, Avalon. But when Avalon cries fashion foul, Halley realizes her best friend's true colors may clash with her own. Has their ultra-fabulous friendship finally gone out of style?

From sharing custody of their puppy, Pucci, to drawing up a list of who gets which friends, Avalon and Halley discover what happens when you battle the person who knows everything about you—and isn't afraid to use your secrets to get what she wants.

Best friends. Worst enemies. Frenemies.

Review - Frenemies was a cute novel that I am sure many young girls can relate to. The plot was very good and didnt take awhile to get into and I just kept reading. Before I knew it I was done. This is definitely a good light, weekend read.

One thing I really liked about about Alexa's writing was that she put a lot of description in and that helps to make the picture in my head more distinct and I know exactly what she was seeing while she wrote.

I would recommend this book for almost any young adult reader who enjoy a "fluffy" novel.

Cover - 4

Plot - 4

Characters - 4

Writing - 5

Ending - 5 (It left me wondering what was gonna happen next. Not in a suspenseful way but in more of a way like the book shouldn't have ended yet.)

Booking Through Thursday (9)

btt button

Suggested by Tammy:

What items have you ever used as a bookmark? What is the most unusual item you’ve ever used or seen used?

Hmm, I have used some odd things but probably not as odd as some.. I have used pictures, envelopes, random strips of paper, bookmarks, pencils, chapstick, a hairband, a bobby pin... and probably more things but that is all that is coming to mind at the moment...


Hey guys sorry I've been gone for so long! I had to go to my mom's to watch my sisters while she went out of town and they have no internet :( But I will be posting some reviews soon and get everything up to date... Again sorry :)
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