Monday, August 31, 2009

My opinion on zombies!

Well this whole week is pretty much Zombie Appreciation week! If you would like to know more head on ever here and check it out! Anyways, so I thought that I would share my opinion on zombies. Ok, well I can't say that I entirely love them, and at the same time I can't say that I hate them. One year my and my friend did dress up as Zombie Prom King & Queen. It was so much fun! I have never read a zombie book though, so story wise I can't say. I am going to be reading and reviewing Generation Dead soon though so, hopefully its as amazing as I have heard that it is. There are so many other books out there that I want to read but that is going to be another post later this week. In movies, well I like the idea of the living dead because it adds to that scare factor. Cause I mean, would you be calm if the entire world was taken over by dead people who wanted to kill you? I wouldn't!! But dressing up as them can be lots of fun, Cause I mean there is an entire Zombie walk, all over the world to raise money! I will talk more about that later in the week, but how many of you would participate??

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