Friday, August 14, 2009


ok so here in the coming weeks I am going to have some interviews with some fellow bloggers because, 1. I wanna know what has inspired others and what they get most out of blogging and 2. I feel my blog needs more than the reviews and meme's that I am part of. But still I would like to interview authors about the books that I have been reading, the only problem is I am not too sure how to go about doing that. Do I contact them directly? Do I contact their publisher?? I am new to this and I need some help. I know that authors are very busy and dont have time to sit around and answer everyone's questions but eventually I would like to pick at them and find out what inspired different aspect of their books.

Also I just want to mention things that are gonna be coming up soon on the blog. I am almost done with Wicked Lovely by: Melissa Marr, which I am loving by the way, and am going to be starting some more books. I am hoping to get some more reviews up cause it has been kinda slow lately. Well thanks so much for reading this and I cant wait to see what you guys say :)

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