Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Dark Divine Giveaway!

Hey everyone, I was recently approached to do a giveaway for The Dark Divine. The cool thing is though that it isn't for the book, its for the nail polish!! There will be five winners. Originally there were only going to be four, but I am being sent five and already have one of my own.

This will not be like other contests I have held though... I thought we might get creative with this one. Since forgiveness is a theme in The Dark Divine, I thought that might be the theme for the contest. There are two options.

1. You can write about a time it was hard for you to forgive someone or it was hard for someone to forgive you.


2. You can write about forgiveness and why it is important to you.

Then when the contest is over i will decide who I thought had the best response. You can either share your stories or opinions here or you can e-mail me at . Either one will work. Since the month is just beginning and I have something special coming up along with St. Patricks day I will end this on St.Patty's DAY :)

This is unfortunately for U.S Residents because I currently dont have the funds to send it internationally. Now if you know someone who is willing to mail it to you from the U.S. I will do that.

Thanks and I hope you all enjoy :D


Lindsay's Photographys said...

My family was doing this thing at our house and we had familys over to do it and one of the family had a son that was about my age and he and I got into a fight and we didn't see each other for long time( about 6 year)and all of this time, I couldn't forgive him at all but I had to work with HIM on a photography job and he was nicer now and he forgotten all about the fight so I just forgive him and we became friends again. :D So yes, forgiving is VERY important, you can miss
out on all of thing by not forgiving like i did.:P

Lindsay's Photographys said...

Sorry, I forgot my email,


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