Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuseday teaser... and more

Ok so the teaser for this week comes from the current book im reading Looking for Alaska by John green Driving drunk. God, if her father ever found out, he would disembowel the Colonel and me.

This one should be finished soon which ma
kes me happy cause next i'm moving on to the Blue Bloods Series, which I am so excited to read.

Next, I was on T.V. and Book addicts blog and they have pictures of their book collection, which is amazing and I thought that I would show off my "amazing collection" :p

These are some of the books that I own, my Sims games (I know i'm a dork), and some of my DVD's. I have more books, not many, but some more but they're packed away somewhere and I'm not quite sure where those are.

And these are the books that I currently have checked out from the libraries, I wish I owned most of them, but sadly that's it. Its not as great as most peoples but I am working on making it much larger :)


robin_titan said...

oh whoa! you have the notebook!!! mean girls was so hilarious and crazy when that girl got run over and the main one said "then she died" I seriously believed she did! It was pretty shocking. I like that movie hehe so funny

It's a pretty bookshelf and trust me you don't want a lot of books it kinda gets out of hand...and there's just no time to read all of them!!

~JoRdAn NiiCoLe~ said...

I know what you mean that movie is my favorite!! lol but I wish that I had more books cause I love to read!! i am constantly reading something new! :)


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