Thursday, April 9, 2009

Review - Girl Cook By : Hannah McCouch

Girl Cook - Hannah McCouch

Book Summary -
Layla Mitchner is a twenty-eight-year-old Cordon Bleu graduate trying to carve out a space for herself in the fast-paced, high-pressure world of Manhattan's top restaurant kitchens. She knows she's got the talent to be a great chef, but there she is slaving for a misogynistic boss who'd sooner promote the dishwasher than give a woman the chance to prove her sous-chef mettle. And while Layla knows that the dwindling balance in her bank account won't begin to cover what she owes her roommate, she's desperate not to seek help from her self-absorbed, serially divorced, soap-apera-actress mother.

Her romantic prospects seem no brighter. She gets set up with a nice enough guy, but his tassel loafers and corporate demeanor reek of the WASP aristocracy she's determined to leave behind. After continuously striking out, she meets a musician who appears to be the bohemian Mr. Right of her dreams, only to find he may be more deadbeat than heartthrob. But Layla refuses to settle for anything short of true love and success, and she ultimately finds both where she least expects them.

My Review -
I thought this book was very modern and not like your usual "Cinderella" story. Nothing was sugar coated and you never knew what was gonna happen. You think that this is whats gonna happen and you keep reading and it takes a twist that you would never expect. Its not all serious or funny or even romantic, Hannah McCouch combines an equal amount of all. I loved this book but the one thing that I thought could use some work was the ending, through the whole book it keeps you wanting more and wanting to know whats gonna happen next and the ending is just the same. If there is gonna be a sequal so that you know what happened to Layla, that would be great but the ending now kinda sucked. Other than that AMAZING book.

NOTE - This is my first review so it may not be the best. :)

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