Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Betrayed - P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Summary - Fledgling vampire Zoey Redbird has managed to settle in at the House of Night finishing School. She finally feels like she belongs, even gets chosen as the leader of the Dark Daughters. Best of all, she sctually has a boyfriend... or two. Then the unthinkable happens. Human teenagers are being killed, and all the evidence points to the house of night while danger stalks the humans from Zoey's old life, she begins to realize that the very powers that make her unique might also threaten those she loves. Then when she needs her new friends the most, death strikes the House of Night, and Zoey must find the courage to face a betrayal that could break her heart, her soul, and jeopardize the very fabric of her world.

Review - This book was so much more than I ever expected. Well the series is turning out o be more. The Casts' put so much emotion into the story, it was incredible. I felt like I was feeling the same emotions that Zoey was feeling.

The first book was good but this one I just couldnt put down. I wanted to know what was gonna happen next. The characters in the story are all amazing and unique. I love that the Casts' didnt sugar-coat anything. The story fit the actual teenager well from the language to the attitude of the kids... just everything. I cannot put into words how I felt about this one other than it was one of the best stories that I have ever read.

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